SimpleDrop Privacy Policy

General provisions
“Personal Information” is the information about an existing individual and it helps to recognize the proper individual information such as code, text, voice, sound, video and biometric characteristics (including the case that it can be recognized by combining with other information easily even in the case that the specific individual cannot be recognized with the proper information only) by name and social security number.
SK Planet Co., Ltd (‘the Company’) highly regards the protection of customer’s personal information and follow the privacy provisions of 『Act on Promotion of Information Network Utilization and Information Protection』 and the 『Privacy Policy』 which is established by Korea Communications Commission. Also, the Company notifies what purpose and manner the personal information provided by a customer is used through the Privacy Policy
The Company takes a measure that a customer can read the Privacy Policy easily at any time by opening it to the public on the first screen of SimpleDrop Service (hereinafter called ‘the Service’) website which is operated by the Company.
The Company makes the required procedures in order to amend the Privacy Policy for the continuous improvement of the Privacy Policy. And let the customer can check the amended contents by authorizing the version number and effective date in case of amendment of the Privacy Policy.
When an important matter is changed among the Privacy Policy of the Company, the reason for the change and contents will be announced to the customer through the Service website ( before the operation of changed Privacy Policy.
Collection items of personal information
1. The Company will collect and use personal information as follows:
Name, ID (e-mail address/ Plain text format), Password: For the announcement of new information and notices, complaints handling according to the Service use, identification, prevention of illegal use by an illegal member etc.
Mobile Phone Number: For acquaintance management for sharing the contents between members and dealing with complaints etc.
IP address, the date of visit: For the prevention of illegal use by an illegal member
2. The following information can be created and collected in the Service process and business process.
Records of Service use, suspension and termination
Access Log, Cookie, Access IP information
3. “SK Telecom Wired/Wireless integrated ID” for the use of the Service can be used as follows:
“SK Telecom Wired/Wireless integrated ID” is the ID for a user to use the Service provided by SK Planet easily by using the same membership information when the user joined the Service such as T Store.
The entered customer information (e-mail, address and gender, etc.) including ID and Password will be integrated and managed, simultaneously reflecting the information needed for each service when changing membership information.
“SK Telecom Wired/Wireless integrated ID” will be created at signing up for the Service and check if a user already has one.
Use the “SK Telecom Wired/Wireless integrated ID” when logging-in the Service.
The purpose of collection and use of personal information
The purposes of collecting and using personal information of a customer are as follows:
1. ID management
Identification and device identification according to the Service use based on subscriber
Prevention of abuse by bad members and unauthorized use
Customer counseling, Receive and process customer complaints, keeping records for arbitration
Deliver notices
2. Fulfillment of agreement regarding the Service provision
Provide Contents
3. Use in marketing and advertisement
Provide the optimum service to customers
Understand the access frequency to the webpage
Statistics on the Service uses
Ship the periodicals and introduce new product or service
Transfer advertisement information such as giveaway and event and operate the participation space of members
Customer survey
Service and product information.
The agreement and collection method regarding the collection and use of personal information
1. The Company receives the consent for the collection of customer’s personal information. For this, the Company arranges the procedure to click either the <Agree> or <Cancel> button for the Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use in regard to the collection of customer’s personal information and when a customer clicks the <Agree> button, then it will be considered as the customer gives a consent for collecting his/her personal information.
2. The Company collects customer’s personal information through the registration process for the membership at the Service website.
Retention and terms of availability of personal information
1. Personal information of a customer will be held and used for the period that the Company provides the Service to the customer and the collected personal information will be destroyed at the cancellation of the membership for not to view or use the personal information, provided that it will be preserved according to relevant laws and regulations if it is necessary to preserve.
2. Personal information will be preserved for a certain period of time as required for confirmation of the relation of rights and obligations related to the transaction as the following and the access and use of the preserved personal information will be limited to the appropriate reason, and the purpose and duration of preservation, items of the preserved personal information must be stated clearly.
Retention period for the case that is not over the retention period with prior notice to the customer and the case that has consent from the customer individually.
The record in regard to the agreement and withdrawal: 5 years (Consumer Protection Act on e-commerce)
The record in regard to the customer’s complaints and dispute resolution: 3 years (Consumer Protection Act on e-commerce)
3. The Company shall take action to access and check the related information without delay in case of a customer who requests for the access to the transaction information that is preserved by the consent from the customer.
4. We preserve identification information including member name, social security number, ID, password and e-mail for a month after the cancellation of membership for the purpose of preventing either receiving economical profits such as discount coupon and event benefits illegally and expediently or preventing the illegal use of other’s name for this Service by rejoining the membership and arbitrary termination repeatedly in case of cancellation of the membership voluntarily.
The destruction procedure and method for personal information
1. The Company manages precious personal information safely and the relevant information will be destroyed without delay after achieving the purpose of collected personal information use for preventing the leakage.
2. However, the Company may hold customer’s personal information as required based on the consent from the customer and the regulations of commercial law and legislation laws even after achieving the collection purpose and being-provided purpose.
3. The Company manages customer’s personal information safely, destroys the personal information with the following method for preventing the leakage.
1) Personal information printed out on the paper must be grinded by a grinder or destroyed by fire.
2) Personal information saved as an electronic file format must be deleted with the technical method that the record can’t be restored.
The consignment of Privacy practice
1. The Company entrusts the following privacy practice to outside specialists and operates for smooth performance such as providing the basic service, better service and convenience to customers.
Trustee Contract Range
Pointi.Co. Ltd., System construction and maintenance
Ubivelox. Co., Ltd.
Bnsworks.Co., Ltd.
Starcom.Co., Ltd. Event agency
2. The Company stipulates compliance with privacy-related acts, confidentiality of personal information, prohibition of providing information to the third party, accident liability, charging period, the return or the destruction of personal information after the termination of handling through the referral service agreement and manage them to follow these.
The rights of a user and a legal representative and the exercise method
The legal representative for the child under 14 years old may request to open, modify and delete the personal information of the child and the Company takes necessary measures for the requests without delay.
Technical and administrative measures for the protection of personal information
1. The Company considers the following technical measures for securing the safety of that the personal information should not to be lost, stolen, leaked, altered and damaged in dealing with customer’s personal information.
1) Customer’s personal information is protected by the password and the important data is protected by extra security features by encryption the file and transfer data or using the file Lock function.
2) The Company takes measure to prevent the damage from the computer virus by using the vaccine program. The vaccine program will be updated by period and it prevents the violation of personal information by providing a vaccine for the sudden emergence of a virus.
3) The Company selects the security devices (SSL or SET) that can safely transfer personal information on network by using encryption algorithm.
4) The Company tries to make sure the security by using the intrusion prevention system and vulnerability analysis system for each server against external intrusion such as hacking.
2. The Company considers the following administrative measures for securing the safety of that personal information should not be lost, stolen, leaked, altered and damaged in dealing with customer’s personal information. The Company let the relevant employee to know and follow the procedures needed for the access and management on customer’s personal information by preparing it.
1) The Company limits to the minimum number of people for the access privileges on customer’s personal information. The minimum number of people is equivalent to the following:
- The person who performs the marketing services to the users directly
- The person who performs the personal information management such as the person in charge of the personal information management and director.
-The person who is inevitable to deal with personal information due to other business.
2) The Company authorizes the person with access privileges on personal information and gives an identification code and password and the password is renewed regularly in case of that the Company processes customer’s personal information by using a computer.
3) The Company have been performed regular training in the Company and outsourcing education about learning new security technology and the duty to protect personal information upon the employees who are dealing with personal information.
4) Information leakage by an employee is prevented in advance by signing the privacy pledge and personal information privacy pledge at the employment of a new employee and the internal procedure for auditing the implementation details about the Privacy Policy and whether the employee is following the Policy or not have been prepared and operated continuously.
5) The person who was handling customer’s personal information signs on confidentiality pledge at the retirement for not to damage, infringe and leak the personal information that is found out officially.
6) Work transition of personal information to the relevant operator is done completely in a secure state.
7) The entrance and exit are controlled by setting the computer room and data storage room as special protection areas.
8) The Company takes a required measurement in order to ensure if the competent customer is the person himself in case of that company collects or provides the information about the payment such as credit card number and bank account payment for the Service contract and Service provision.
3. Personal information of a customer is protected by a password. The password for the customer’s ID is only known by the person himself and checking and the change of the personal information is only possible by the person himself who knows the password. Therefore, you should not tell your password to anyone. The Company never asks customer’s password by unnecessary calls or e-mail. Also, you must log-out the account after you finish working and please close the screen of the web browser. Especially, for the cases when you go to other website while you were logged into the website by the PC that is used in common and when you finish using the Service, you must log out and terminate the related websites. If not, there is a risk of that your information such as ID and password can be exposed easily through the related browser. The Company will notify to the customer immediately and appropriate measure and compensation will be provided when the loss, leaking, alteration and destruction of personal information caused due to the mistake of an internal administrator and the accident by technical management.
4. The data transfer through the internet is not 100% guaranteed for safe. As a result, the Company gives the best effort to protect personal information, but the security of the information which is provided by customer cannot be guaranteed clearly and the customer must take the responsibility of these risks. The customer must manage the account and password appropriately in order to protect his/her personal information and be responsible for it.
5. For the need of consultation related to personal information, you may inquire to (http:/, and (http:/
Rights and obligations of a user
1. A customer must input the latest personal information clearly in order to protect unexpected incidents. The responsibility for the incident that occurred by incorrect information should be all yours and you may lose your membership in case of inputting false information such as using other’s information illegally.
2. A customer has an obligation to protect oneself and do not infringe other information with the rights of protecting personal information. You should be careful not to leak your personal information including the password and be aware not to damage other’s personal information including posts. If a person does not comply with the responsibility and damage other’s information, you may have the punishment according to 『 Information Network Promotion and Information Protection Act』.
Person in charge of personal information management
The Company has a responsible person for personal information management in order to protect personal information and to deal with dissatisfaction related to personal information. If you have any questions related to personal information, please contact the person in charge of personal information management below. We will faithfully and quickly response to your inquiry.
1) The person in charge of personal information management
  • Name: Lee Jin Woo
  • Belong to: SK Planet
  • Position: Senior Vice President Corporate Cooperation Office
  • Contact: 82-1599-0011
2) The person in charge of personal information management
  • Name: Lee Sang Ik
  • Belong to: SK Telecom
  • Position: Manager
  • Contact: 82-1599-0011
Duty of Disclosure
Addition, delete and modification of contents will be announced on the Service screen 7 days before the amendment according to the change of legislations, policy and security technology. The Privacy Policy will be applied from December 20, 2010.
-The effective date of Privacy Policy: December 20, 2010